Romantic sunsets
Romantic sunsets
Simply beautiful sunsets
Sunsets in Grenada
Sunset Cruises in Grenada
Sunset Cruises in Grenada
Relaxing fun!
Relaxing fun!

Sunset Cruise

Enjoy the romance of the setting sun, each sunset - a masterpiece - painted across the silent sky.

Reflect and relax while taking in the perfect moment beneath the white billowing sails of our catamaran, as we take you along the coastline. Have your camera ready for the green flash or just sit back and do nothing at all, because after all, you're on vacation!

Tour Info

Half Day

Tour Duration: 2 hrs
Includes: Snacks & drinks

Sail into the sunset with First Impressions!

Phone: +1 (473) 440 3678
Cell: +1 (473) 407 1147 or +1 (473) 406 6993
WhatsApp: +1 (473) 406 6993
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